Breaking Free

by Todd Barriage

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In September of 2013, Emerge From The Ashes came to Borland Studio to record a single. They didn't have a vocalist at the time, so I threw down some takes to see how it sounded. Shortly thereafter, EFTA disbanded and this song sat dormant on my hard drive.

Nearly 2 years later, Justin and I have decided to release this song. We're proud of it, and we really think you would enjoy it.



Leave me a sign that I can take; A way, for my own sake, give me just enough to keep me going. And baby, it's not up to you whether or not I make it out alive.

I know that I was right.

You move so sick. Charismatic, you're inviting and torn. You drag me back to the mess that I was when I was just like you. But I won't sink so low anymore, 'cause I'm no coward.

I'm not the man that I once was, and I don't know who you are. But if you're here to weigh me down, don't you even try.

Fake, senseless. Makes sense, just remember who you were. Remember when you were fine; when you were all eyes.

I can't make this up to you. Why won't you let me?
I can't make this up to you. Why won't you let me go?

It's bad enough that you held me back when I was all I had.
And you were just a beggar, "Forgive me"

The sleep we lost, and all the nights that we'd spent together...
Leave me a sign that I can take away for my own sake.
Give me just enough to leave.

Charismatic, you're inviting and torn. I just can't get enough. You drag me back to the mess that I was.

I can't make this any clearer than I have:
I'm my own man, and I can't wait to break free.
If I stagnate any longer than I have, all my own name will mean to me is defeat.

I will break free.



released August 16, 2015
Jacob Toppings - Drums
Chris McMahon - Guitar
Justin Toppings - Guitar & Bass
Todd Barriage - Vocals & Production




all rights reserved


Todd Barriage Quinte West, Ontario

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